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We have made lots of improvement on our technology and quality of our products by offering a better design product, which improves the life of products due to selection of right type of material for the Indian ambient condition

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Evaporation Process:-

This process is widely used in the Pharma and Chemical Industries; it involves the evaporation and recovery of solvent vapors under vacuum with the help of vacuum pump and vacuum system.

Evaporation process mostly needs the vacuum in the range of 550 to 680mm Hg. the temperature is suitable for the use of vacuum pumps.

Single stage and Two Stage vacuum pumps are suitable for such processes, special material of construction and coating can be offered for the hazardous chemicals processes.


This process is mainly used in Chemical, Oil Industries and Edible Oil plants. Vacuum range of 660 to 740 mm hg is employed for achieving the required deodorization.

Temperature and vacuum range permits the use of Two Stage vacuum pumps. Oil ring vacuum pumps.

Due to high temperature encountered in most processes and Incoming Vapor Cooleras well as the Scrubber can be suggested for the hazardous chemicals.

Distillation Process:-

This process is specially for recovering of solvent which occur in vapor and liquid form, it is a major pharmaceutical process, apart from it the same process can be used for oil industries and solvent recovery in the chemicals for costlier solvents, and this allows reuse of recovered materials.


There are various stages of distillation processes which works in the vacuum range of 680 mm Hg to 750 mm Hg and above for molecular distillation.

The vacuum in such process is achieved by the use of Two Stage vacuum pumps, oil seal vacuum pump and mechanical vacuum booster system.

Drying Process:-

This process is basically used in Food & Dairy Industries and to an extent in Cement and Pharma industries also. Removing water vapor as well as extracting water and making the concerned material dry or free from moisture.

Vacuum range for this process lie between 500 to 680 mm Hg. Hence this comes in the low vacuum range.

Vacuum pumps like Single Stage, Two Stage, Monoblock and High Capacity Low liquid ring vacuum pump are mostly used in such applications.

Dewatering Process:-

This process is applied in the water supply plants and also in the effluent discharge processes. It is meant to empty the water from the specified zone or to transfer the water to any other zone.

Widely applied in water works this process is used for the priming of high capacity water pumps. Vacuum range in this process is less and nearly between 450 to 650 mm Hg. hence the monoblock and high capacity low vacuum pumps are prescribed for this purpose.

Laboratory Testing Process:-

Such testing includes the high vacuum examination of various formulations suitable for medicine, chemical samples as well as for product testing in food & confectionary industries.

Vacuum range of 660 to 755 mm hg is mostly suitable for such process; mostly it is done in medium vacuum range.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps coupled with mechanical boosters find wide applications here; also smaller laboratories go for oil seal, oil ring vacuum pumps.

Decadizing Processes:-

This process is specifically meant for the textile and cloth industries, mainly used for dying purpose of cloth and textiles. This process is done under vacuum.

The vacuum range suitable for it is 550 to 650 mm Hg.

Single Stage, Cone Type and High Capacity low vacuum pump are mainly applied in the process.

Ash Handling Process:-

Removing the ash collected from the huge coal fired boilers as well as conveying and disposing the same in the required region is the purview of this process.

The process is applied mostly in thermal power stations, cement industries, Rotary kilns and such related industries on a wider scale.

Mostly the ash handling is done under the vacuum and pressure, vacuum range of 400 to 650 mm Hg is suitable. For handling of large amounts the vacuum system can be provided.

Cone type liquid ring vacuum pumps, cone liquid ring systems are mainly used for this purpose.

Condenser Exhaust Process:-

This process is specifically meant for the thermal power plants and hence used extensively to evacuate the condenser at a very fast rate for effective condensing capacity.

Being a critical process for power plants it works in medium vacuum range of 700 to 740 mm hg.

Cone type liquid ring vacuum system and Two Stage watering vacuum system are most suitable for the same.

Vacuum requirement of various industries.

  • Low vacuum (Range: 400 to 660 mm hg.)
  • Evaporation
  • Dewatering
  • Decadizing
  • Ash handling



  • Medium vacuum (Range: 660 to 0.05 mm hg.)
  • Distillation
  • Drying
  • Evaporation
  • Lab testing
  • Deodorization


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